What are The Cyber Laws

cyber laws

Cyber Laws are legal regulations to control Cyber Crime. Millions of users are dependent on the internet all over the world and crimes are possible in the cyber space. To maintain the internet as a safe place for all, laws and regulations are required. Laws and regulations that cover the internet and the World Wide …

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How to Avoid Violations on internet

Avoiding Violations

When you create content and/or publish, it becomes your intellectual property. As owner of the content, you have all rights to control how the information can be copied, distributed or reproduced and also, Who can use the information. Similarly to use intellectual property owned by others, you need proper permissions …

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PUBG Characters Name List


Pubg Mobile has introduced a group of new special Pubg characters in its new edition. With different abilities for each character, the players are able to be stronger than before. Read the full article to get some idea for best PUBG characters. …

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SnapTik – Tiktok Downloader Without Watermark

If you need to download video TikTok without watermark, download video Instagram, download video Facebook, download video Twitter, SnapTik is the best choice. It’s totally free, download super fast for the highest quality. SnapTik -SnapX is a product made by SnapTik team who is behind very successful …

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