750+ Best, Cool, Good, Funny and Stylish Clan Names for BGMI

If you plan to create a clan in BGMI with your friends, you’ll probably be on the lookout for some Best, Cool, Good, Funny and Stylish Names you can use. In this article, have listed 1000+ clan names for BGMI, alongside detailing the way to to change your clan name or create a new clan. So, let’s get started:

If you don’t know what are clans read this paragraph to know. Clans are basically a group of players with whom you can play Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The game allows you to join a clan or create a new clan. The Clan not only allows players to play with other players who are not on their friends’ list, but it also brings some interesting benefits.

You can join a clan and finish different missions daily to earn Clan Points. The points can be easily redeemed to shop for different items like clothes, crate coupon scrap, rename cards, and more.

2 letter Clan Names for BGMI

We know that you have tried a lot to find a unique 2 letter clan name for you BGMI Clan but didn’t find anyone. Here we will provide you a list of unique 2 letter clan names that you can use as your clan name in Bgmi. Lets Explore:

TG: Top GunnersTF: Thunder ForcesTT: Theory TreatyFS: Frantic Saboteur
BB: Battlefield BrawlersIF: Invisible ForcesWW: Wild WreckerMP: Midnight Power
VV: Vacant ValleyBB: Bad BoysUT: Unique ThreatsGS: Grieving Squad
CS: Chilled SamuraisTS: Target SignalSK: Serial KillersWR: Warning Rollout
SS: Silent SourceER: Embers RisingAD: Alluring DevilsUW: Underground Warriors
SS: Super SquadBF: Beyond FearKK: Karate KidsHO: Headshots Only
FB: Fantastic BeastsSK: Spicy KnightsFB: Fantastic BeastsNN: Nobody Normal
IV: Immortal VictorsAA: Attack AgendaAP: Annoyed PowerSP: Special Operations
MP: Mission PossibleFA: Fallen AngelsBF: Bloss flopAM: Alcoholic Masters
TG: The Goonies.MK: Mortal KombatAO: Abnormal OccupationWW: Wild Wreckers
ET: Electric TankFS: Fair SuperpowerST: Surface TensionWR: Without Remorse
DR: Death RacersIM: Impact MatterLS: Lost SoulsBW: Born Winners
US: Ultimate SwaggersHA: Hungry AdmiralsHP: Hidden PowerMN: Murder Nation
BL: Boss LadiesDS: Dark ShadowsMP: Major PainsTP: The Punishers
WV: Winter VisionsLE: Little EvilsGL: Gun LordsSR: Secret Regime
DS: Dark SpiritsGL: Grim LeadersNS: Nasty ShankerVG: Vape Gods
BG: Bad GuysSS: Spicy SlicersMA: Mean Angel sWW: Wonder Women
AC: Altered CarbonVW: Violent WarningsIB: Inglorious BasterdsRF: Rifle Guts
AS: Accidental SuperpowersRT: Reddit TroopersLC: Loose CharactersFD: Fiery Destroyer
IS: Immortal SoulsGM: Grim MindBA: Bloodline ApocalypseQP: Quantum Performance
NP: Noobs PowerEW: Elite WarriorsBA: Battle AbroadGM: Grim Mind
NC: Noobies ChoosiesSG: Super GirlsIS: Immortal SoulsBA: Bloodline Apocalypse
QP: Quantum PerformanceNC: Noobies ChoosiesHB: Hell BoysVS: Visual Symbols
MS: Mean SquadFD: Flashy DeadlyER: Embers RisingGG: Gruesome Gladiators
HP: Hidden PowersHH: Heroic HunksDW: Dark WarriorTE: The Expendables
ZM: Zany MastersLO: Locked OFFNW: Night WalkersSC: Silent Commandos
RR: Remains RequestBP: Black PanthersLC: Loose CharactersKP: King-Pins
VU: Virtual UpgradeHA: Hell’s AngelsMP: Midnight PowerBP: Black Panthers
GW: Ghost WarsBW: Black WidowsWS: Warzone StrategiesXN: Xtreme Noobs
CS: Crazy SlayersAV: Arrogant VictorsSW: Stolen WindowBA: Blind Assassins
DS: Deadly SpiritsWK: Wanted KillersOP: Over PoweredNC: Night Crawlers
MC: Matrix ClanNS: Night SweatsSP: Shut PunksWW: Wonder Women
WV: Winter VisionsNE: No EscapeSK: Savage KingsML: Mental Legacy
BB: Bad BoysDL: Devil’s LairHP: Hidden PonerGL: Gun Lords
TS: Tilted StabbersDD: Dark DeadeyerEW: Elite WarriorsCD: Covert Destroyer
BS: Blood ShotPG: Punners GunnersAN: Aggressive NoobsIK: Interim Kingdom
SS: Silent SprayersAS: Absolved SoulsGL: Grim LeadersBA: Battle Abroad
UR: Uprising RebelsTH: Thundering HooligansNR: No RegretsBB: Blood Bashers
SG: Someone GreatGO: Game OverHU: Hyped UpWP: Walking Pegasus
CC: Closed CircleRK: Ritzy KingsSS: Surviving StrategiesTF: Team Flint
IS: Immortal SoulsCB: Clan BustersHS: Head ShootersAB: Alcoholic Beasts
SS: Smoking SoulsCD: Covert DestroyerWK: Wanted KillersDK: Dark Knights
BH: Blood HuntersLS: Land SweepersOG: Original GangstersFF: Falcon Frames
GB: Green BobinBH: Bounty HuntersVV: Vacant ValleyLN: Legendary Noob
SK: Serial KillersGE: Global ExtentCA: Castle AccessAA: Advanced Ability
FS: Fusion GirlsUF: Undesirable ForceOG: Old GuardsIF: Iron Fist
PS: Pro ShootersDR: Death RacersPM: Piece MakersNA: Nasty Assassins
RC: Real ChilldogVS: Visual SymbolsEF: Extreme ForcesDD: Death Dealers
EW: Elite WarriorsSG: Super GirlsNP: Noob PowerBA: Battle Abroad

3 letter Clan Names for BGMI

Here Are 3 Letter Clan Names For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). All BGMI clan names that we have provided below have only 3 letters. Apart from providing 3 letter clan names only, we have mentioned what they stand for.

MFS: Master Force SquadSST: Strategic Survival TeamDWW: Dragons, Warlocks, and Witches
SSS: Smart Sneaky StrategistsVYP: Vicious Youth PunksSDD: Scary Demolition Dragons
AFP: Alive and Fiery PhoenixesVAR: Vicious and RuthlessVSD: Victorious Sons and Daughters
FGG: Fun Gamer GirlsTSM: Tricky Silent MastersFOC: Fan of Clans
YEM: Young Experienced MonstersRFS: Rapid Fire ShootersQBD: Quick Bounty Deliverers
RBK: Raging Beastly KillersCYC: Crazy Young CombatsLOQ: Legion of Queens
TFC: The Fun ClanPMM: Powerful Masters of MutationEBU: Expert Battlefield Unit
KAL: Kick Ass LadiesAHH: Ambitious Heroic HunksHFF: Hot and Fiery Fighters
HPM: Happy Peace MakersRGF: Real Game ForceBOG: Bunch of Gamers
BBG: Breakfast Before GamesMIB: Men In BlackHFH: Hilariously Fun Hooligans
BAD: Brave Angel DestroyersCPM: Crazy Psycho MutantsASA: Amazing Strong Admirals
CAF: Clan Assault ForceICS: Insanely Cool StrategistsCFH: Crazy Fast Hands
WGO: Winning Gamers OnlyBBD: Big Bad DestroyersCYC: Crazy Young Combats
MVP: Mission Victory PossibleLOT: Locked on TargetLOQ: Legion of Queens
BBK: Bloody Beastly KillersIGG: International Group of GamersOHW: One Hit Wonder
RBK: Raging Beastly KillersBTF: Born To FightBBH: Booming Blood Hunters
CWT: Crazy Wild TacticsLTK: Love to KillHAS: Hitmen Armed Services
QWB: Quick Work on the BattlefieldESF: Epic Strong FightersYGA: Your Guardian Angels
AWS: Always Winning SquadBTS: Big Terrifying SlayersCMA: Cool Martial Artists
VMW: Victorious Men and WomenBAC: Big Arsenal CollectorsOMA: One Man Army
CFS: Cool Funky StrategistsTFB: The Fire BrigadeTEA: The Evil Army

4 letter Clan Names for BGMI

The following BGMI Clan names consist of four letters. If you want to have your clan name in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is short and catchy then you should take a look at the names below.

TBAW: The Brave Alpha WolvesMIOB: Magic In Our Blood
WOYL: We Own Your LandWTGG: Wizards, Trolls, Giants, Goblins
VDAP: Village Defenders and ProtectorsWMSB: We Mean Serious Business
GGFK: Girl Gamers for KeepsSOTA: Special Ops Team Always
OHPD: Online Hunks Playing DailyRADG: Ride and Die Gang
BSFL: Best Squad For LifeTCIV: Team Crazy Immortal Victors
BBAS: Battlefield Brawlers and StrikersTMSS: The Mighty Secret Strategists
THSP: The Hidden Secret PowerYDDC: Your Dream Destroyer Clan
TBOP: The Barbaric Online PlayersWPEO: We Play Everything Online
TRDP: The Real Deadly PlayersTSRD: Team Stealthy Red Devils
TBUC: The Best Untitled ClanWATP: We Are The Phoenixes
TIDM: The Insane Dragon MastersINJG: It’s Not Just A Game
WAHW: We Are Hungry for WarTSDM: Team Smart and Daunting Marauders
TDLW: The Dangerous Lone WolvesTBWW: The Best Weapon Wielders
TBBE: The Big Brainy EnforcersMGOT: Master Gatherers of Terror
TCFC: The Cold Force ClanTOLO: The Only Lucky Ones
TEOO: The Extremely Overrated OverlordsPGOL: Psycho Gamers On the Loose
NBFM: No Begging For MercyWLFB: We Love Fresh Blood
TLHS: The Legendary Heroic SoldiersTGMB: The Great and Mighty Battalion
YCSH: You Can’t Sit HereBRED: Battle Ready Every Day
HFTR: Here For The RaidsWCIP: We Come In Peace
CAPG: Cool And Psychedelic GamersHUVD: Hell’s Ultimate Village Destroyers
TMKW: The Mighty Keyboard WarriorsOTTS: Our Time To Shine
WOTG: We Own The GameQAQA: Quick and Quiet Assassins
WMAO: We Move As OneTMFY: Too Much For You
WRTB: We Raise The BarTGSW: The Great Silver Warriors
HFTG: Here For The GameYCTU: You Can’t Touch Us
WAAB: We Are Always BulletproofAITZ: Always In The Zone
TBFE: The Best Forces EverydayTTWP: Through The Warriors’ Perspectives
DTPS: Defend, Take, Protect, ServeREAA: Ready Everything and Attack
GFBA: Geared For Battle AlwaysFLOT: Fearless Leaders of Tomorrow

5 letter Clan Names for BGMI

Five-letter clan names are closely linked with warfare and conflict. You might also use words like honor, which implies a first or original form, or odd words like proto, which implies the very first or youngest form. Don’t be delayed; first, go through our libraries, and then you can choose a decent five-letter name for your formation of a new clan. We’ve provided lots of five-letter clan name suggestions below, and if you want to come up with your own, check out our instructions below the list:


Funny Clan Names for BGMI

Well, with friends we tend to indulge in something funny and weird always. When it’s about a game, you can at least have some funny name for your gang. These are some of the best funny BGMI Clan names we’ve come across, check :

SandilandsCloudy VeteransDeath DoseWrong Voltiac
Cost of ClanPower Within Noobs Destroy The NoobsBeg For Mercy  
Talented LiquidatorsEarly Liquidators Classy Squad   Death Dealers SuRE
Optimistic GangFun StartersPeople BlastersChecking Everything Out
Purves  ExecutorDevils EpsilonCowardy idiotsEager Prestige
Front LinersSuicide SquadClan AvengerDeaf To The World
24 Hour GamerKeyboard WarriorYay Team!Quick Fingers
You MissedHere AgainUndead ForeverNot Screwed On Right
Your Worst NightmaresBleary Eyed PlayersSmooth CriminalsNot Noobs
Void ClanBlue Assassins Zone AvengersFatal Force  
Death to TronnersCripTik  HopeBlood BathBlood-price of Terra
Mutable ArtisansHippocratic HeresyInevitable ProdigiesFungal Expansion
Blackadder Team Rocket PccRutherford clanForrester Patullo
Encircling InfernoSutures for the FutureFinal Strike Master Force Squad
Quick Bounty DeliverersFun Gamer GirlsQuick Bounty DeliverersAmbitious Heroic Hunks

Best Clan Names for BGMI

Similar to PUBG Mobile Clans, BGMI also has the option of letting you change Clan Name, or use an existing one. Here are the top 50+ Best BGMI Clan names you can consider for your Clan:

One HeartbeatSpeedy ArrowsTeam UnknownFallen Angels
Magic ExpertsMad PillagersRising HuntersKnightly Clan
Instant HitBGMI All DayCrazy GamersGame Runners
BGMI AddictsQuick HuntersGold CollectorsVillage Breakers
Smart AttackersBase ProtectorsFast BuildersMighty Goblins
Village ProtectorsHidden SparksTrue DefendersCackling Witches
Cyborg ControllersFriendly GiantsRising HeroesMaximum Damage
Magic PerformersBoulder ThrowersDragon MastersBig Bombers
Murderous MindsBGMI FederationTeam RoyaltyThe Best Alliance
Finding ChaosTrue WarriorsUndead HeroesTrue Guardians
Ruthless SeniorsBlood FightersKing AvengersSuper Sapiens
The Ancient OnesTeam MercenariesMauling MonstersKing Pins
A Dose of WarDeath DefiersVicious VictorsMayhem Nation

Good Clan Names for BGMI

All the name mentioned below under the category of Good Clan names are fresh and have some cool meanings which describe your personality, attitude and skills. So what are you looking, for now, you can dive in the list of the Good Clan Name and choose the best-suited name for your groups or individual. Below are the Good clan names. Just use any of them for your clan, also share Good clan names with your friends

Dirty WarriorsFenton clanDeadpan AdmiralsDirty Warriors
Womanly ThugsThe Stealth TigersShields clan  Wealthy Criminals  
Immortals demonsHeart Vs Feather  Survival StrategyWry Strategy     
Useful VeteransUndesirable ForceCriminal anglesZany Masters    
Phoenix leadBlane VikingBlades of RageRadioactive
Crash HelmetUppity OccupationDust to Dust      Chalmers Logan
Echoes of the LostTen Antagonists Rapid HooligansFighting Mutants
Bringers of DisorderKill SeekersThrilled FightersThe Grumbling Gangsters
Enemy Number OneThe Psycho BunchAll Bruised UpThe Killing Savages
Grenade GuysSavage BeautiesMighty BrawlersVictory Clan
Victorious SquadAlways WinnersGlobal KillersSharp Gang

Cool Clan Names for BGMI

If you need a cool-sounding clan name to rally your new clan around, here some actually good ideas organized by theme or game. Rally your clan around these suggestions.

Leslie Siege of AgesHopkirk clanEye for an Eye DropshoTz
Butter   pie claniRuShh clanMercy MaulingKaRiZMa
Night Walkers zRuSh clanFergussonKilling Fields
faka crewBethuneUraniumPotatoWild West 
FuriousSteel Team EliteBattle CryHouston  
MontgomeryMarjoribanksHunterSkin Tailors
farmmebroRezurrectionbroken wingsNewlands  
Vlad’s Children Pretty HighBastards of Men Vanguard 
Super ClanCaldwell clanSniperz KlanInsect Autopsy
Warm Mafia Jugular JugglersLittle FamilyElite Reborn
Kung Fu PhooeyPower of noobs Fallen AngelsOur Fathers War  

Stylish Clan Names Generator for BGMI

BGMI Name Generator is a quite popular tool for creating stylish BGMI names. Many BGMI players use this tool to create unique, stylish & creative names/nicknames using different cool-looking symbols.

All the names created with this tool are 100% compatible with BGMI. Please comment below, If some name doesn’t work.

Stylish Clan Names for BGMI

While you can create a unique and stylish BGMI clan name using your imagination, some players simply do not want that. So to help you decide better, Here we lists 50+ BGMI clan names along with stylish symbols. These can be used directly in the game, or you can simply go through them to collect ideas, coming up with your own name later.

あTHE᛫BEAST♰᭓ H҉A҉C҉K҉E҉R҉╰‿╯᭓ H҉A҉C҉K҉E҉R҉╰‿╯✞ঔৣ۝ÐâřҟŦﺂℜê۝ঔৣ✞
UŋstoppʌɓɭɘHakuna Matataᴿᴱᴬᴸ❖ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅ➋➋࿐⁰⁰⁷♔〘Ł€Ꮆ€ŇĐ〙♔
✞ঔৣ۝SQUAD CBBA۝ঔৣ✞ᎢᎻᏋ ᏚᏢᎪᏒᎢᎪᏘᏚ꧁ ☆☬League of Heroes☬☆ ꧂ℜℯx๖ۣۜClαภ
Բαʍϟℓ?亗???????ExterᴍΐŇatør$AsSaSsInS [][¥•Elite•¥][]♛✘L• A T I N O S 么
CØᴍᴍⱥndØ$DØØm ?rΐnger͢͢͢sMAFIA FAMILY亗×°ᖘresti?e G?ŇŇers°×
༺FatalFury༻‿╯ᵐᵃᶠⁱᵃ• ᵈʳᵃᵍᵒⁿˢ ⃟○ツPB乡 PEAKY BLINDERSᴬᴳ戀•ᴀssᴀsɪɴ•戀
Ro『♰』戀•GHOSTS•戀★彡[ᴜɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]彡★Nova legends༺FatalFury༻
Kɩŋʛ Oʆ ĸɩŋʛsTeamįEagle×⿆ᎢᎬᎪᎷ_ᎰᏞᏌᏢ⁰²⿆?ђeƑell?wsђiƤ

Clan Names for BGMI in Hindi

यहां 50 सर्वश्रेष्ठ Clan नामों की सूची दी गई है जिनका उपयोग आप Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) में कर सकते हैं:

BGMI launches new redeem center for users
राजा ज्यूरिख की सेनागुप्त विध्वंसकपागल तोड़फोड़ करने वालेनोबीज चुनें
ढीला चरित्रनहीं कर सकता, नहींराक्षस और राक्षसब्रह्मास्मि सैनिक
मारो अभी भी कोई सौदा नहींबादल अपराधीसीधे गैंगस्टरप्रमाणित जबरदस्ती
खून के शिकारियों के भगवानलड़ाई की रणनीतिगीतात्मक सशस्त्र सेवाएंडार्क स्पिरिट्स
कॉड का गिरोहइलेक्ट्रिक टैंकपराजित शिकारीमरे के देवता
सी-19 परजीवीहाइप स्निपचैंपियन कार्यालयआदर्श बिजली
वाट्स फाइटरपागल निशानेबाजझुकाव छुरापिशाच भूत
गंदा ग्रेनेडियर्सभूखा एडमिरलएके 47AWMLओवर
ग्रिम नुबकमांडो 2राक्षस राजाहेडशूटर
किंग-पिनअमीकिलिंगफजी पैकस्ट्राइकर
गन लॉर्ड्सअसली पतंगबहादुर स्टडधर्मगुरु

New Clan Names for BGMI

Here are the top 50+ New Clan Names for BGMI you can consider for your Clan:

HideYourSelfGrim MindsDeath FalconEagle Eyes
Online_all_dayEmo WarriorsDeathTangoKira’s Gunshots
LandminersDropstotzzThe Deadly CrewCraig’s Kill List
Freestyle gunshotsSiege of the AgeStewarts of DeathUnafraid to Win
Road Rash AssassinsThe Cool GangLocked OFFHeadshots Only
Old SchoolOur Fathers WarNever GenesisMidnight Power
Dusty DeadeyesDrunk ShankersDirty GrenadierDashMetalRat
Dark SpiritsDark DeadeyesCãrnageEpidemicCrazy Owner
Covert DestroyerCorruptedFluxClutch RiflemanChilled Samurais
Chicken TerminatorBulletproof SharpshootersBounty SeekerBoiled Blood Hunters
Blood SlurpsBlood BashersBlind AssassinsBigshots of Game
Best BlustersAccurate ArrowsFallen FiveThe Blank Pain
Teen OutlawsGreen EatersArcaneNationInevitable Clan
Shape ShiftersHungry VulturesGoblin BloodlineGobMacatites
Goblin SisterhoodMane of GobGoblin DelightsJolly Golly
Impoverished GoblinitesMr. Goblin’s ArmyGoblinoholicThe Goblin Divinity
Salem SkinniesDorks of DuadelNasty ShankerMajesticAv3nger
MajesticFizLucky SharpshooterLoser HuntersLoose Characters
Legendary NoobsLagging RiflemensGuërillaPriestHungry Chicken Seekers
Grim LeadersFrenzy ShootersElite BaiterDeathly Lightning
CrushtheCrowdsFirm AllegianceCrush the ArmiesBreaker of Chains

Best Clan Names for BGMI with Symbols

Here’s a list of the 45+ best Clan names with Symbols you can use in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) or PUBG Mobile:

࿐༵༆༒ĞĂŃĞ ŚŤĂŔ༒༆࿐༵꧁♡Ꮆσ∂Ƶzz♡꧂DɪsᴄɪᴘʟᴇツᏢⱤᏆƝᏣᎬ
特KILLERᴳᴼᴰ特DANGEROUS SHOTERSвяσкєи нєαят◥꧁དℭ℟Åℤ¥༒₭ÏḼḼ℥℟ཌ꧂◤
League Of Heroes༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄✿Gᴀᴍᴇʀ࿐ ༒⋆꧂Sʜɪɴ❖Cʜᴀɴ▒〄Mʀ☆DEVIL〄▒
BGMI Crackers◥꧁★彡[ IrͥoͣnͫMan ]彡★◥꧁иιgнтmαяє亗 G O D ᭄ F A T H E R 亗
sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ʙᴜᴛ ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ ✰ܔiᏟ ᴀ ʀ ʀ ʏ ࿐Legendary Team๖ۣۜClαssy༻๖ۣۜǤнσsτ
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Critical ♥ѕтαℓкєяαggяєѕѕινє▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 ʜᴇᴀᴅsʜᴏᴛ
B ᴇ ᴀ ꜱ ᴛ G ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ ʀℭøℓøꜱsaℓDamage᚛Rสmթสge᚜⪻Mi§cℝeαnt⪼
ħ§å§§ïñFØᴍidableFoe ℑήvᎥncᎥ多lΣ§þłêñÐïÐ
Ǥнσsτ༻๖ۣۜℜideℝŦerrΐfΐcŦornado™Ꭰᥲʀκ͢Ӄᴎ͟͞ɪ͟͞ԍ͟͞ʜ͟͞ᴛ]™ 🅜🅐🅡🅢🅗🅜🅔🅛🅛🅞
What are Clans in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Clans are basically a group of players with whom you can play Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The game allows you to join a clan or create a new clan. The Clan not only allows players to play with other players who are not on their friends’ list, but it also brings some interesting benefits.
You can join a clan and finish different missions daily to earn Clan Points. The points can be easily redeemed to shop for different items like clothes, crate coupon scrap, rename cards, and more.

How to Change Clan Name in BGMI?

Changing clan names is pretty simple. If you are creating a new clan, you can easily enter the name there. However, you need to have a Clan Rename Card if you want to change your Clan name.
You can purchase the card for that you can go to the ‘Shop’ and just purchase the Clan Rename Card. Once done, here’s how you can change your Clan Name:
1. Go to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) app and then head to the lobby.
2. Look for the Inventory button right next to the Mission at the bottom-right corner.
3. Click on the box icon and there you will find ‘Clan Rename Card’. Tap on it and then add the new name in the dialogue box.
4. Once done, simply press ‘Ok’ to confirm and your clan name will be changed instantly.
However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Once you have changed your BGMI Clan name, you cannot revert to the old one. Furthermore, you can only change the clan name again after 60 days.

How to Create a Clan in BGMI?

To create a clan in BGMI, there are certain requirements you need to follow. To start with, you need to have 50,000 BP to create a clan. Once you have the required BP, you can follow these steps:
1. Open the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) app and go to the lobby.
2. Click on the Arrow at the button-right corner. You will see different options including Settings, Clans, and more.
3. Tap on Clan and you will see an option to join an existing clan or Create Clan. Tap on the latter.
4. You then need to enter the Clan Name along with Clan Motto, which is basically a description of up to 60 characters. Apart from this, you need to select Clan Tag including Classic Clan, Evo Ground Clan, RP Clan, and Balanced Clan.
5. You can also customize the Insignia Name and logo by clicking on the Change button right beneath the Clan logo.
6. Once done, you can click on Create Clan and the new clan will be created.
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