Top 10 Happy Friendship Day Messages for Girlfriend

Text messages may be used to send the girlfriend your best wishes on Friendship Day. To cheer up the girlfriend, the wishes might be delivered along with presents. The sender’s affection and friendship for the girlfriend are expressed in the humorous wishes that are sent to her.

“For my sweet girlfriend, I send you all my love to make your day brighter and happier. You are a good friend and I wish our friendship grows stronger with time.”

“To my dear girlfriend, your love has filled my life with much happier moments of celebrating together. My friendship with you grew with time and turned into this sweet love relationship we cherish together.”

“You are the best combination…. A girlfriend and also a friend…. Be sure that I will always be yours because you are also my secret box…. Happy Friendship Day love.”

“I will always be double protective of you because you are not just my beloved but also my friend and I cannot afford to share you with anyone else… Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.”

“I love you…. I trust you…. And I will never let you go…. These are the three things that define my love and my friendship with you…. Happy Friendship Day to the love of my life.”

“My love, I send my love and wishes for good in your life. Our friendship has become one of the best relationships which we treasure and cherish together.”

“Your friendship values has made our relationship much stronger and having you, my ex girlfriend as my good friend has brighten up my life.”

“Dear sweet ex girlfriend, you have been a great friend who stood by me in all times be it good times or bad times. I am very fortunate to have such a best beautiful person like you as my friend.”

“Dear cute girlfriend, your love has made my life much beautiful than before. We started as good friends the moment we met and with time developed our relationship into this beautiful bonding called love. I am very happy to have you in my life.”

“To my ex girlfriend, I send love for you and am happy to have you as my best friend dear. You are very good friend.”

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