How to unlock an Apple Watch With iPhone

Here is the most reliable solution for unlocking your Apple Watch, including instructions for using your iPhone. Although keeping all of your gadgets secure might be difficult, it is typically advisable to do so in order to protect the privacy of your personal data.

We’re going to teach you how to unlock your Apple Watch using your iPhone, so as long as you are wearing it, anytime you open your iPhone, your Watch will also unlock.

Discover the quickest, easiest method for unlocking your Apple Watch in the next paragraphs.

What we used

We used an Apple Watch Series 6 that is paired with an iPhone 13 Pro, running watchOS 8 and iOS 15, respectively

How to unlock an Apple Watch

Step 1: Find the Watch app on your iPhone. Locate the Watch app on your iPhone and open it.


Step 2: Scroll down to Passcode. When in the Watch app, you will need to scroll down to the tab that says Passcode.


Step 3: Click Passcode. Once you have found the tab marked Passcode, tap on it. It is a pinkish-red Color and has a lock as the logo.


Step 4: Tick the Unlock with iPhone box. Out of the several options on screen, find the box that says Unlock with iPhone. You will want to tick that so it is now green.


Step 5: Enter your password on your Apple Watch. You will be asked to enter your Apple Watch password on a later screen. Simply repeat step three and try again if you type the incorrect password into your Watch for whatever reason.

How to unlock an Apple Watch ?

1. Find the Watch app on your iPhone
2. Scroll down to Passcode
3. Click Passcode
4. Tick the Unlock with iPhone box
5. Enter your password on your Apple Watch

Can I turn off the open with iPhone feature ?

Yes you can, you just need to untick the box to disable the feature.

Do I need a passcode on my Apple Watch ?

No, you do not need to have a passcode on your Apple Watch, however, we recommend using one as it helps keep any sensitive information on your Watch private and it means that only you can access it.

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