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PikaShow is an excellent app if you are a movie buff who likes to spend all their time in front of a television. It is a perfect app if you are into visual entertainment and looking for variety. You can watch movies, series, and documentaries all on one platform.

App NamePikashow
File size10 MB
Current Versionv75

Live show streaming

Well, many people think that they cannot stream live shows through an app. Through PikaShow, you can watch all your favorite shows as soon as they are on air. You can watch a cricket match and live news all day long. The live section has all channels that you might be interested in.


High-quality videos

No one in this world does not get bothered with the video quality. We are living in the 90s, where low video quality was used to entertain us. PikaShow has all movies and shows in HD quality. The transparent pixels of the app performs well on wide screens as well.


Fast streaming

There is nothing worse than a slow-loading video. We cannot want a video to buffer for hours, as it is an utter waste of time. PikaShow provides fast streaming with little to no buffering. You can watch all your favorite movies seamlessly without any loading.


Pause and resume

The main advantage of getting your hands on an entertainment app is that you can watch movies and shows on your terms. Often, we get distracted or busy; you can pause your show anytime. You can continue your movie or show from where you left; it helps saving time.


Different genres and variety

PikaShow has a lot of variety and different movies to keep you entertained for longer. It provides you with Hollywood and Bollywood movies for variety. If you are an English movie lover or Bollywood lover, you can access both mediums on a united platform.

Is PikaShow a free app?

Yes, Pikashow is free, and you can download it without paying any money

How can I download PikaShow?

You can download PikaShow through Google play and also other websites. Through websites, it is a little difficult to download this app.

Can we watch movies on Pikashow without ads?

There are small ads in between movies which end in a few second. You can also skip ads if the option is provided.

Is PikaShow safe to download?

Yes, PikaShow is very safe as it has all the security methodologies to keep your device safe from a virus.

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