What is a Bitcoin full node?

A full node is a software program that fully validates transactions and blocks.

Most full nodes also assist the network by accepting and validating transactions and relaying them further to other full nodes.

Bitcoin Core full nodes need to have certain requirements. If a node is run on weak hardware, it may work – but with a host of issues.

It will be an easy-to-use node, if the following requirements are met –

Desktop or laptop hardware running latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux .


About 150 Gb of free disk space, accessible at a minimum speed of 100 MB/s


2 GB of RAM memory


A broadband internet connection with upload speed of at least 50 kilobytes per second.


6 hours a day of full node running


A connection with high upload limits to use 200 GB upload or more a month. Download around 20 GB a month, plus an additional 150 GB the first time you start your node


Bitcoin Core can be downloaded from the site https://bitcoin.org

Download Bitcoin Core