What is the Importance of Computers

The importance of Computers

In this article, you will understand the importance of computers in today’s world, Read the points given below.

  • The extraordinary growth of computers in the modern world has been amazing. Computer is an electronic device used in almost every field even where it is most unexpected. That is why the age of the computer is known as the “IT-age!”
  • In most offices around the world today, the computer has become an important and necessary tool that enables communication and work.
  • Governments around the world are introducing computer classes as one of the core subjects in the education curriculum today, because they realize that a computer-skilled enabled workforce is very important for the countries’ economy. In addition, by the use of a few buttons on the keyboard, computers have simplified many complex tasks.
  • From schools to workplaces, it has claimed a central position because of its many useful functions.
  • Computer has become very important nowadays because it is very accurate, fast and can accomplish many tasks easily, as computers can do very big calculations in just a fraction of a second.
  • Computers allow people with disabilities to do normal activities: shopping online, playing games with other people and work from home.
  • Computer knowledge is essential in our world today, as basic computer skills have become one of the main conditions for getting a job.
  • The presence of internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact. Computers make lives of people easier and more comfortable: they give opportunities to millions of people to keep in touch, while being in different parts of the world.
  • Business transactions, broadcasting of information and interpersonal (family and friendly) interactions have all been incorporated in the computerization process.
  • In the days before the computer, tasks were completed manually and required much more time than it does today.
  • Computers can store a huge amount of data, far more than the human mind.
  • Today people work for employers from other countries even without seeing them.
  • Computers today are irreplaceable for business people and those who need them for work and for students to study.
  • One of the most positive results from the usage of computers, is the impact it has had on de-forestation; cutting down of trees, as the use of paper in offices around the world has gone down vastly over the years.
  • Computers today are portable and no longer restrict their user to desk. They come in various models and sizes; from the super-thin Laptop to a pocket-sized Tablet PC. This makes it easier for anyone to communicate and work from anywhere!

What are the Different Types of Computers


A desktop is also known as a “Personal Computer” (PC), and can be used in a single place.

Desktop computers normally cost less than some of the other types of computers.

Desktops are popular for daily use in the workplace and households.


Laptop computers are smaller in size and best to use for people who travel as they can work while they are travelling.

Laptops run on a single battery, and because they can be operated anywhere on battery power, Laptops provide mobility.

Laptops operate very similar to Desktops but are less powerful than desktops.


Netbooks are very similar to laptops, but are low-cost and smaller in size.

Netbooks are the newer version of ‘notebook computers’.

Today Netbooks have overtaken notebooks in terms of popularity size and sales.


A smartphone is one device that can take care of all of your handheld computing and communication needs in a single, small package.

Smartphones are equipped with enhanced multimedia features; allowing one to take and view pictures and video in many formats. It has one or two cameras,

Smartphones function as a mini computer, allowing the user access to the Internet and give the user the ability to download games and other productivity applications.

Tablet PCs

Tablets are very similar to PDAs ( personal digital assistant).

Tablets are mobile computers that are very easy to use.

Tablets also have touch screen technology.

Tablets also have either an onscreen keyboard or a digital pen. “Apple’s iPad” redefined the class of Tablet PCs.


Servers are computers designed to provide services to a large area network of computers linked together.

Servers have very large storage capacities and powerful processors.

Servers are usually very large in size, as they have large processors and many hard drives.

Servers are designed to be dependable and resistant to computer crashes.

What are the Computer Brands and Models

These are the following terms related to computer brands and models.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

A feature of a product shown as the main reason why people should buy it. For example, the USP for Sony Vaio is it’s punch line “”Go Vivid“, as it explains that Vaio comes in different colors.

Brand ambassador

A well-known person or celebrity who promotes and advertises a particular brand For example, Kareena Kapoor is the brand ambassador for Sony Vaio Laptops

Branded products

Popular products belonging to established brands, such as, Vaio, IPad, Windows and the micro-processor, belong to, Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Intel respectively.


Most computer brands are available in various models, with different features and prices. For Example, HCL has 22 different models of Laptops; HCL ME Laptop K4307, HCL ME Laptop P3897, HCL ME Laptop G3845, etc.

What are Features, Advantages and Benifits

The Features, Advantages and Benifits of a product are referred to as the FAB of the product.


A feature of a product is something which is hopefully unique in some way.

A feature should differentiate one product from its competition (although many times features are similar between competitive products).

The important features of a product are its Unique Selling Points (USPs) – that are not available with the competitor’s product. (For Example: The “iPhone 4S” from Apple). Therefore, you need to identify your own product’s unique selling points and make sure your customer agrees that these are important to them.

Note: Most people think features are benefits but they are not. The customer likes the features because they provide them with an advantage, and the advantage then provides them with the benefits.

Here are some examples of the features of a product mobile phone:

  • Some mobile phones have the ability to surf the web and run Internet based applications.
  • Many mobile phones have built-in digital cameras, and can play music and videos that are stored on the device in addition to making phone calls.
  • Some of the latest mobile phones have built-in physical keyboards while others use touch screen keyboards within the phone’s screen or a traditional numbered phone keypad.
  • Some newer smart phones are also capable of streaming music and video from the web.
  • Mobile phones with built-in Bluetooth can be connected to hands-free headsets and speakerphones, as well as share data with your computer and other devices without having to connect the phone to them using wires.
  • Some mobile phones offer only built-in memory, while others give users the ability to expand the phone’s memory using memory cards.


The advantage is a result of the feature and is providing something good for the customer. The advantage is dependent upon the feature .

The advantage is not always apparent so sometimes it needs to be explained.

Always ensure the customer understands the advantages to the features the product provides.

Given below are some examples of advantages of the product mobile phone.

  • Mobile phones today enable many company executives to work from across the world due to its computing applications.
  • Mobile phones today perform various functions, eliminating the need for carrying different stand-alone gadgets.
  • Mobile phones are now a customers’ music system, digital camera, gaming device, computer, all rolled into one!
  • These mobile phones cater to the need of each and every class of people.
  • The newest mobile phones ensure that customers get outstanding multimedia capabilities and high-tech digital cameras that enable customers to capture a moment and turn it into a memory.
  • Mobile phones with MP3 player, allow customers to play their favorite music tracks with superb sound quality and share them with their friends via powerful Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Mobile phones allow customers to access the latest technology in the palm of your hand.


The benefits are the final results caused by the advantages, which turn have been brought about by the features.

Few people really understand what benefits are, and can successfully communicate them to the potential customer.

The benefit is the real reason that a customer will make the decision to invest money and buy the product.

Given below are some examples of benefits of the product mobile phone.

  • Stay connected anytime and anywhere: The most basic benefit of a cell phone for which most of us use it is that we can stay connected with our loved ones in any part of the world and anytime. Gone are the days when we used to stand in queues to make an STD or ISD calls. You can talk to your loved ones staying even seven seas far with cell phones.
  • Mini PC: cell phones are nowadays almost equivalent to mini computers. The latest ones are equipped with Android and internet Facilities. So you don’t need to wait for the newspaper! You can simply access the internet on your cell phone and get to know about the latest news, your e-mails, movie shows and a lot more!
  • Enhance your business: cell phones are a great help even your business. With cell phones, you can constantly stay in touch with your employees and get to know about crucial information of your business.
  • Wholesome entertainment: with a cell phone in your hand, you don’t need a TV or PC to get entertained. It is all in your cell phone. You can play games, listen to music, and click pictures and even record videos in your cell phone.
  • Transfer of data: these days cell phones are equipped with infrared and bluetooth technologies which allow you to transfer data like mails, pictures, music and even videos just in span of seconds.

Knowledge of FAB helps to impart product information to the potential customer. Sometimes customers may not be aware of the advantages and benefits of the product, so it’s the responsibility of a salesperson to bring it to their attention. After all, FAB is the real reason why customers choose one product over another.o

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